The scorching heat of the sun gives us fatigue. A break no matter a long or short, definitely helps in unknowingly and unwind the mind and body. But, it is necessary that you stay in beautiful places, between many interests and tourist activities. Nothing can beat the beautiful Indian beaches and their charm. There are many popular dive sites in Indian beaches and offer world-class adventure and fun activities such as wind surfing, snorkeling, etc. This holiday season, rest and rejuvenation in Indian beaches.


1) Goa

When you are in the mood of relaxation with thrill together, Goa is the destination towards the head. 50+ tropical beaches, luxurious accommodation, vibrant nightlife, waterfalls, historical and heritage sites are offering sightseeing excursions, fun and adventure options in the beaches beyond the beaches.

Goa Travel Guide

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2) Kovalam

Kovalam is one of the most pristine beaches in India. The shallow waters and low tides of the Kovalam attracted public attention for the memorable holiday trips. Spend days in the captivating beauty of this destination of South India while exploring its 600 km of coastline dotted with coconut groves that creates an impressive scene and the rocky cliffs embellish the whole atmosphere that will fascinate you all your life.

Kovalam Travel Guide

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3) Andaman

Beautiful islands, charming places and shiny greens are the best description of the island of Andaman and Nicobar. The most attractive beaches of India are in this island. Spend the day in romantic surroundings and enjoy fun and long-distance adventure activities such as camping, scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

Andaman Travel Guide

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