Visit the incredible country of Chile with a Vacation Inspirations vacation package. Chile is a South American country full of incredible natural wonders, such as the impressive Torres del Paine National Park, which has huge granite towers, icebergs and llamas. Must see the huge moai statues and the Rano Kao volcano on Easter Island. San Pedro de Atacama is also popular, this high-altitude city in the Atacama desert, surrounded by geysers, hot springs and salt flats. The penguins, the lighthouses and the glaciers are the big attraction in the Beagle Channel and if you want to spend some time on the beach, Chile also covers you; The coastal beaches of Arica and Iquique are picturesque. Some visitors choose to stay in Santiago, the capital of Chile; It is a destination rich in culture and incredible cuisine. The Plaza de Armas lined with palm trees of the city is beautiful and houses the National Museum of History. The pools in the huge Metropolitan Park offer an alternative to the beaches, and the complex also houses a huge botanical garden and a zoo.


Visit Chile with Vacation Inspirations
Easter Island in Chile


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