The beautiful volcanic islands of Indonesia with an incredible vacation package in Indonesia from Vacation Inspirations. Visit the island of Java and experience Jakarta, the huge and vibrant capital of Indonesia, full of incredible cuisine and nightlife. Bali is another popular destination known for its coral reefs, world-class surfing and the incredible Uluwatu Temple. The Monkey Reserve in Ubud is another must see, and the incredible sea turtles and the sunken ship of the Gili Islands are fantastic. You can cool off for a day at the huge Waterbom Bali Indonesia water park. Spend a day in Komodo to see the Komodo National Park, home of the incredible Komodo dragon. The stunning beaches of Lombok are also popular, the island also hosts the majestic mountain. The Rinjani volcano and its crater lake. There are many options in Indonesia and travel experts from the Vacation Inspirations member services department can help you make the right decisions to ensure you have the perfect travel experience.

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