Family vacations without stress do not always go hand in hand. All parents deserve to have a vacation that they can really enjoy. If you fear your family vacation because it only causes you more stress, take heart. The following tips will help you enjoy your holidays with the children in tow.

Future plan

Planning is the most important part of having a family vacation without stress. If you take action before you leave to plan what you will need to really enjoy the trip, you will discover that you can relax much more.

One of the most important parts of planning is the participation of your children. If your children are old enough, get directly involved in planning the trip. Not all your ideas will be practical, but do your best to ask questions and find out what they want to do.

One of the main causes of stress during vacations is that children complain about the activities. When they have a hand to decide what will happen, they will be less likely to complain. If the complaints appear during the trip, you can remind them that they had a hand in planning the trip.

When planning, be sure to avoid packing too much in one day. Although you may have a limited amount of time for your vacation, you should make sure that you and your family have some breathing room. Visiting five different places in a day is a sure recipe for frazzled nerves and fighting. Before arriving at your destination, make a list of your best options for sightseeing and then save the rest for the next trip.

Travel light

This may not seem possible with children and especially with children, but you will find that everyone will enjoy the trip more if you do not have to carry a lot of luggage. Have your children select from one to three special toys for the trip and just say no to the rest. Calculate what you can buy when you get there (shampoo, an extra shirt) and what should come with you (prescription drugs). You can even leave the stroller and other baby items at home if your hotel offers rentals.

Bring a “wait” bag

If you are sightseeing or going to an amusement park while on vacation, you will spend some time waiting. Even the most educated children can get upset while waiting.

Solve this problem by creating a bag of special treats that your children can use while they wait. Include a deck of cards, some small puzzles, some word searches, some sandwiches, electronic travel games, and coloring books. Whatever you think is necessary to keep your children distracted, throw them in the bag. Hold the bag and take it out when your children need it. In this way the wait becomes something special!

With these tips, you will reduce your stress and you can enjoy a pleasant family vacation.

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