Travel hacks when you arrive

11. Darts directly for baggage claim. It’s amazing how many people seem to sway after landing. Save it for another place to save time and prevent any disputes with fellow travelers.

12. Use ATMs to get local currency. The use of money converters at the airport usually takes place for a fee, and exchange rates are plagiarized. Of course, ATMs always issue local currency, so use your debit or credit card and get your money there.

13. Make sure you download Yelp for traveling in the USA. This is an excellent city guide for both travelers and locals, and this is the best way to find the most amazing places to eat and see the sights.

14. Shop groceries when you arrive. You do not need to shop for a feast, but buying products such as water and a few snacks at local stores, not at a hotel, will save you a ton.

15. From your room, remove only items from your luggage. Trying to feel at home, taking out every pair of shoes and all your toiletries, will repackage all living hell, and this will increase your chances of forgetting something when it comes time to go home.

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