We propose 14 destinations to celebrate February 14 and travel on Valentine’s Day to romantic and original places. Surprise your significant second with dinner at the other end of the world, the best sunset or “I Love you” in the ideal setting.

Although love does not understand the dates, Valentine is the ideal excuse to make a special excuse and make memorable memories with that person whom you love most. And for that, there is no shortage of places in the world to awaken passion.

Choose the option that is best for your taste and start making plans for Valentine’s Day.
Granada, Spain



The famous Andalusian attraction is multiplied in the city of Granada with its beautiful architecture and corners filled with secrets. Get lost in Alhambra, discover Arabian baths, relax in a Te Room at Elvira Street and enjoy a wonderful sunset from Mirador de San Nicolas.

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Granada (Spain)

Prague, Czech Republic



Traveling to Prague on Valentine’s Day is a great option, because the city is full of romance. By turning around in the old city you will feel the hero of a beautiful love story, discover its roads and enjoy live music.

Travel to Valentine’s Day, Prague (Czech Republic)

Brugge, Belgium



A city that is known by its name, surprises the whole world and especially lovers. An example of a medieval city, with the streets of buildings and spider, which run next to the canals. If you want to get the best taste of the city, then just lose through its streets.

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Brugge (Belgium)

Bali, Indonesia



Before the wonderful island of Indonesia, the beauty and beauty of Bali’s landscape will drop you down. Apart from this, you will enjoy its tropical climate which will allow you to sunbathe, dive or visit Buddhist temples in small sleeves. An ideal plan for valentine if you are looking for hot weather.

Travel to Valentine’s Day, Bali (Indonesia)

Verona, Italy




Some places are romantic as a setting for the famous story of Romeo and Juliet, Verona city in Italy. A visit to the balcony from where the daughter of the capsule is seen, is an essential journey.

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Verona (Italy)

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Dutch capital is a wonderful destination to enjoy on Valentine’s Day as a couple. Take a walk through the canals, celebrate a romantic dinner on a cruise … and, at the top, kiss on the Maghera Bug Bridge, which they say guarantees of eternal love.

Travel to Valentine’s Day, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Santorini, Greece

White villages, amazing beaches and breathtaking rocks. The combination introduced by Santorini is ideal for romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. There you will find peace and privacy which you want for your journey as a couple. The best thing? It’s less weather so you can get a good deal with the ticket!

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Santorini (Greece)

Seville, Spain


travel on Valentine's Day, Seville (Spain)

Kiss on the bridge of Triaana, hold hands by Torre del Oro or get lost in Jewish quarter The Andalusian city is perfect for free rein on love. Apart from this, local “rebellion” and “tapas” are perfect for spending the evening from one place to another.

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Seville (Spain)

Mallorca and Menorca, Spain


travel on Valentine's Day, islands of the balearics


The two main islands of the Balearic Islands represent paradise for couples who want to relax. Virgin beach, nature and good weather create a sense of peace without equal. In addition, in the islands you will find some of the most welcoming hotels to visit as a couple.

Come on valentines day, islands of the baals

Marrakech, Morocco


travel on Valentine's Day, Marrakech (Morocco)

Enjoy your Valentine for one thousand and one night in Marrakech. Travel to Medina with your beautiful souks, remove yourself by the scents of Jema El Fna Square, stay in a typical Riyadh and try a hammam or luxury spa to relax as a couple. You would love to visit Valentine’s Day in this magical city!

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Marrakech (Morocco)

Buenos Aires, Argentina


travel on Valentine's Day, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

If you do not intend to cross the ocean on your Valentine’s journey, celebrate your love for the rhythm of Tango in the famous city of Buenos Aires. Dance, hang out, enjoy and love the city as much as you are with each other.

Travel to Valentine’s Day, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Rovaniemi, Sweden


travel on Valentine's Day, Rovaniemi (Sweden)

Enjoy the Arctic’s nights in an open igloo, see the stars and wait for the famous northern lights. In this area of ​​Swedish Lapland you can visit Santa Claus, one of the most spectacular scenarios, can ride the sleeve pulled by reindeer or ski.

Take a trip on Valentine’s Day, Ravanni (Sweden)
Provence, France

Tell him that he has picked fresh flowers from the fields of lavender, rose or jasmine, which floods the French Provence. If you like nature, then they do not look forward to the flowers and the wonderful perfumes they leave.

Tour of Valentine’s Day, Provence (France)



travel on Valentine's Day, Provence (France)

Kyoto, Japan

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